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One professional Chicano Tattoo Phuket with safety tattooed skin and health. The best Tattoo Studio in Phuket Thailand providing professional tattooing in a sterile and safe environment. We are the Phuket famous tattoo artists applying Sak Yant Tattoo with the highest standards of professional care. Our customers are always overwhelmed on the tattoo in our clean and comfortable studio served by our team of professional tattooing artists, leaving them with unforgettable experiences.

While getting a Full Sleeve Tattoo may be slightly uncomfortable, it is a safe hygienic tattoo practice. However, there may be risk when getting a Sak Yant or Cover up Tattoo. We ensure that the hygiene factor for our tattoo artist Phuket is most critical and has been carefully considered.

When selecting our Top Tattoo Artist Phuket, it is important to know that we compliance to strict standards in Tattoo Phuket on maintaining hygiene. The wearing of protective gloves is a standard procedure during the tattooing process.  It is also a good practice for each Watercolour Tattoo for the safety on both the client and Tattoo Artist.

Get tattooed by the top Tattoo Artist Phuket in a 100% safe way!

Le Charme Realistic Tattoo Ink Phuket bring your secure and health in priority.


When you step into the Tattoo Phuket Chalong studio, you will witness how we consider about hygiene and cleanliness. We are professional tattooists that use only one time needles which pre-sterilised and then disposed away after each client, including Big Piece Tattoo. Tattoo Artist Phuket use sterilised pigments for each clients and on that Old-School Tattoo in single-use pots.

Best Tattoo Phuket on prices and hygiene procedures outperform Health Authorities’ significant requirements

Mr. Chet – Head Tattoo Artist Phuket practise strict care in Infection Control and Microbiology.

All staff received intensive training on strict handling procedures to preserve with a basic sterile condition.  As tourists, expats and even locals visiting Tattoo Phuket Thailand, you’re in wonderful experience hands. At Le Charme Tattoo Studio, we have the Advanced Sterilisation for all facilities applied from your Tattoo Artist Phuket.

You can keep an eye and notice that the equipment being unwrapped on the spot from separate sterile packaging before use to tattoo Sak Yant Tattoo.

If you are interested in our hygiene routines or your safety, welcome to visit our Tattoo Phuket Chalong Le Charme Studio for a witnessing experience of our sterilisation procedures. We offer a Phuket City Pick Up Service that is the number one Phuket famous Tattoo Artist.

Our Tattoo Studio ensures safe proceedings to remain high benchmark of hygiene.

After you have decided where you want your Wide Tattooed Big Piece or Japanese Tattoo design, your Professional Tattoo Artist will proceed to clean shave on that body part. Of course, the razor in which the Professional Tattoo Artist uses will be thrown away directly after use.

Additionally, the Le Charme Tattoo Artist will equip with safety handling gloves at all times while elaborate tattooing craftsmanship. This is on the basis of the fact that there will be some bleeding while the tattooing process.

Our Professional Tattoo Artists are skilful with international experiences that use disposable needles to eliminate the risk on spreading diseases, if any. Our artists dispose any leftover ink and prohibit recycling to next client by putting it back into the tube

Full sleeve Tattoo in Tattooing Studio Chalong practises the best-in-class hygiene standard.  You should visit us to explore personally with the professional services provided.  We are inviting you to pamper yourselves with our Pick Up Services which are readily available at Patong Beach, Rawai, Kamala and Kata Beach.

We would like you to have a peaceful mind by ensuring that you have chosen the best Tattoo Phuket Studio on getting your tattoo design practices to the highest level of hygiene.

You are confident that you should be excited on getting tattoos done by Top Thailand Tattooists with professional tattoos from Le Charme Tattoo Chalong.

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