Meet the Le Charme Tattoo


Our Le Charme Studio is of the topmost level sterile tattooing environment. We use exclusively with imported disposable tattoo ink trays and tattoo equipment. We are the Thailand leading Tattoo Artist Phuket providing the best in class Tattooing service by our team of experienced and friendly artists.
Le Charme Tattoo Phuket Chalong was founded years ago close on the Sunny Shores of the tropical Ocean Coast of Thailand. Former and founder Chet Master Tattoo Artist Phuket shared his vision of a friendly tattoo parlour where all locals and tourists could feel welcome. Words on Le Charme innovative basic approach was soon welcomed by the Phuket beach community before spreading throughout Thailand.
Today, we are Tattoo Artists family committed in carrying on Chet’s vision and constantly strike to open our studio to those who want to explore the astonishing world of tattoo Phuket Chalong body art!
Let us choose your required part of the skin. Our Local Master Tattooist will paint the desired pattern artistically on the skin. We offer sketching tattoo designs by Award Winning Artists Tattoo Phuket prices, providing you with a competitive quote for your custom create Old School Tattoo.

Tattoo Phuket Chalong Master Artist in Sak Yant tattooing.

Only the Best Imported Inks are used for black and grey tattooing body art. Tattoo Artist Phuket sketches by local artist champion Chet with perfect matching for best Tattoo Phuket Cover ups.
At Le Charme tattoo Phuket Chalong, the artists involved are only from those who have committed themselves to a special level of passion on tattoo arts in dealing with our customers.

Japanese Tattoo create attention to detail to your own body art!

We are top Tattoo Artist Phuket well accepted and recognised who value the many little things in life. What is setting us apart is not just the art we create or the geometric or Sak Yant Tattoo that we immortalize on our skin. It is the very special trust that our artists build with every customer.
Every Tattoo Phuket is something very intimate. The customer has to feel 100% comfortable during the tattooing treatment. Therefore, our entire team recognize the importance in having each customer to feel at home. You can enjoy over the choice of coffee or traditional Thai bubble milk tea to feel well in Le Charme Best Tattoo Phuket shop.
Our Tattoo Artist Phuket can meet even the most demanding expectations. Convince yourself on such by visiting our gallery or come over in our studio. We do not dictate your style, but instead to choose the right artist for your project. We also offer a pick-up service for Thailand tourist, expats and locals.
Our Le Charme Tattoo Phuket Chalong always strives for maximum service. For example, we offer our customers like Walk-In Service for smaller, desired tattoos. Maximum quality, meticulous hygiene, detailed advice and comprehensive service in all areas are the cornerstones of our Best Tattoo Phuket philosophy.
We strive to personalize your wish motif so that you do not encounter your Sak Yant Tattoo a second time. We place emphasize to fulfilment by realizing your tattoo wish for the desired date is very important to us especially for tourists like you.

We would like to take care of old sins of youth or unloved images. Removing the tattoo by laser is often expensive in relation to a high quality cover up Tattoo. Just talk to us, there is often a way to make a tattooed problem again chic. A cover up gets bigger most of the time and usually a bit darker than the old one, but can be more beautiful. With a skilful touch-up, we gladly help you to regain your old tattoo.