We at Phuket’s studio working in the tattoo industry for ages.

The only tattoo place in Thailand equipped with most creative and certified staff. We make sure that your body and tattoo must be treated with respect and following certain hygienic rules.



It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into


It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into

special occasions

It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into


It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into


It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into

special occasions

It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into

Last inks

Our team consists of Chet, Sumo, Game. All are perfect blend of modern, ancient, black & white and color full sketches. Call a name and you will find at Phuket studio. If you are curious and want to learn a bit more; come to visit us and check our portfolios, we will be happy to see you.

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Each and every piece is made with pure love and joy to depict the expectations. Chet (Tassanatam Kanghair) is an expert tattoo artist who loves to enjoy freehand inspired designs and a mix of black & grey. He is playful with realistic colors and dramatic art or anything to catch your idea.


Every masterpiece needs hard-work and we follow some standard steps to achieve satisfactory results. We prefer to listen to our customers first before suggesting anything. Once you have your idea we have the ground to evolve and improve it before carving the lifelong impression.

  • Your Idea
  • Sketch
  • Pricing
  • Tattooing


Do you have questions about our work, do you want to make an appointment? Don’t overthink and come to our studio to have a cup of coffee. Otherwise, Of course, you can also first make an appointment by telephone or drop us a message on Facebook. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Enjoy Vacation at Phuket and looking for ingenious ideas for your next Tattoo!

This is your excellent choice in choosing Le Charme best Tattoo Phuket in town. Come and get to know us, the familiar atmosphere, our room furnishing , our hygiene standards, our professional artists and service consultants.

As you enter Le Charme Tattoo Studio you will spend the first time eager on looking around at all the curiosities and pictures. That tattoo Phuket designs are really a feast for the eyes.

From the exciting, lively atmosphere from our reception area to the intimate and quiet tattoo spaces of our artists, you are warmly welcome to get to know and experience of Best Tattoo Phuket on everything without obligation.

The creative and exciting collaboration with the art of Tattoo Artist Phuket resulted in the design of the studio, which we are constantly developing & upgrading to create a domestic and hygienic environment for ourselves and our loyal customers.

We meet the latest hygiene standards of the Thailand Health Department. We have a modern hygiene and disinfection program and providing strict training given all crew members. We only use individually packaged needles with head modules, adopting on approved and permitted colours and tattooed with the most modern machines on the market.

Tattoos are our passion. Tattoo Phuket Chalong your unique Chicano Art is especially for you. Hand Crafted Tattoo Artist Phuket custom drawings is our passion too. We put all of our love in best Tattoo Phuket into each and every design. Top Tattoo Artist Phuket drawings meant to bring your Thailand holidays’ ideas to life. You can have a peaceful mind on us to assure you that Tattoo Phuket prices reasonably vary according to the current tattoo designs rate and quality.

Utmost Satisfaction Realistic Tattoo
The Tattoo Artist Phuket passion and expression of Sak Yant Tattoo are surely extraordinary. Professional Tattooists unique sketches' Chicano Tattoo Phuket Chalong Le Charme. Gorgeous Big Piece Tattoo by Tattooists with the highest standards according to 100% safety hygiene procedures. The Tattoo Phuket Chalong Studio Le Charme is an ink instrument offers a selection of impressive exceptional realistic Tattoo. You are in comfort in experienced hands for your Special Full Sleeve Tattoo from all over the world designed the top Tattoo Artist Phuket.

With a choice of yours for a Top Tattoo Artist Phuket you get a real talent!

Tattoo Artist Phuket Town can incarnate your dreams in the flawless, simply perfect form. Welcome to Le Charme Tattoo shop in Thailand, where you can indulge yourself with body art and professionalism.

With our Tattoo Phuket Transfer Service, we serve to pick you up at your most convenient stop to our Tattoo Phuket Chalong parlor.

With special devotion, we fully commit ourselves to the best Tattoo Phuket!
Tattoo Phuket Chalong Le Charme well-known and established!

Tattooing Sak Yant tattoo is an art forming permanently inked into your skin. Understanding this reason - International awesome Tattooists & Art Master Chet is one of the best Tattoo Artists in Thailand always put all the enthusiasm, talent, heart, soul and passion into the tattoo to create amazing designs to ensure customers satisfaction.

Le Charme tattoo studio is highly well respected in the Phuket City local community by Thais and as well as foreigners alike.

Let us know if you have any doubts for clarification. We are always ready to serve you at your most available time.